Marmalade Branch Air Conditioning Outage

UPDATE 07/31/18 PM: Functionality has been restored to the air conditioner at the Marmalade Branch.

UPDATE 07/31/18 AM: The Marmalade Branch air conditioner is still out of commission. Initial repairs were made on Monday, July 30, but other issues were discovered. New parts are being sourced and repairs will be completed as soon as they arrive. The temporary cooling solution will continue to keep the building open, but it's still warm in the Library. We will continue to update this page as repairs progress.

UPDATE 07/27/18: The Branch is scheduled to reopen for normal business hours on Saturday, July 28. A temporary air cooling solution is in place with repairs to the air conditioner expected to be done by Tuesday. Note that the highly-anticipated Kids Scat: Vocal Jazz Jam event featuring Lizzy Luna will take place at 11am, as scheduled.

07/26/18: An air conditioning unit at the Marmalade Branch failed the evening of July 26, 2018. The branch will be closed Friday, July 27, to perform repairs. Any updates will be posted on this page.