Super Summmer Challenge


Build a better world with The City Library's Super Summer Challenge! Beginning June 1, visit any City Library location to sign up, receive a Super Summer Challenge tracker, and start working toward entry into prize drawings. Fun, free events will also be offered at the Library all summer long. Learn more about events for each age group as well as how to track your challenge activities using the icons above.


Choose any one-, two-, or three-brick activity from the lists below and color in the number of bricks that the activity is worth in your tracker once you complete it. When you complete enough activities to fill in all 15 bricks on Level 1, 2, or 3, bring your tracker to the Library to pick up a prize. When you've completed all three levels, turn in your tracker to the Library to be entered into a prize basket drawing. Completed trackers must be turned in by August 12.

If you've completed your tracker and want to challenge yourself even more, take part in Level Up! Visit any City Library location to pick up a Level Up! tracker.


Earn an additional entry into the prize basket drawing by writing a letter to another City Library location. Write a letter and drop it off at specially-marked mailboxes located in each City Library. Collect a sticker for each Library you visit or write a letter to.

A note to Sprague Branch patrons:
• Prize drawing slips (including Level Up) for kids, babies, toddlers, and teens were lost in the flood. Please go to the Anderson-Foothill Branch to reenter your name for the drawings; they will have separate entry envelopes for Sprague's prize drawing.
• Pen Pal Project letters addressed to the Sprague Branch will be sent to the Anderson-Foothill Branch, where they will be on display.




For each activity you complete in this category, you can color in one brick in your tracker.

Read for 10 minutes (This can be completed more than one time).
Visit a City Library location you haven't been to.
Read to an animal or pet.
Check out a book from the Library.
Go a whole day without watching television.
Take a pet or a grown-up for a walk.
Build a habitat at the Chapman Branch.
Do a good deed.
Read to a younger friend.
Take an interesting picture of something in your neighborhood.
Build something out of LEGOs or blocks.
Recycle five objects.
Check out the new Wild Woods space at the Main Library.
Read with a grown-up.
Make someone happy.
Share a snack with a friend.
Play outside at a park.
Read down your overdue Library fines.
Meet your local children's librarian. What is their name?



For each activity you complete in this category, you can color in two bricks in your tracker.

Read for 20 minutes (This can be completed more than one time).
Attend a Preschool Storytime.
Check out a Discovery Kit.
Attend a Code Club.
Attend an event at a City Library location.
Create something beautiful out of recycled materials.
Learn about a new place on World Book Online.
Build something that floats.
Donate an old toy.
Check out Mortimer the stuffed turtle from the Anderson-Foothill Branch and take him on your family vacation.
Eat five fruits or vegetables in a day.
Make a friendship bracelet and give it to someone.
Listen to a book on Tumblebooks.
Read a book from one of the Our Diverse World booklists.
Download or stream music from Freegal.



For each activity you complete in this category, you can color in three bricks in your tracker.

Read a chapter book (This can be completed more than one time).
Teach something you've learned to somebody else.
Read an award-winning book.
Learn a magic trick and share it.
Write a letter to an author or illustrator.
Write your own adventure story.
Dress up as a book character and take a picture of yourself. Bring your photo to the Library for display.
Interview an older person and record their story.
Complete a project at the Library's Creative Lab.
Start learning a new language with Muzzy.
Cook a meal that's popular in a different country.
Ride TRAX on an adventure with your family.
Explore a museum.
Sign up for the Pen Pal Project at the Library.
Write a letter to your government representative.