Super Summmer Challenge


You and your little one can build a better world together by taking part in The City Library's Super Summer Challenge! Beginning June 1, visit any City Library location to sign up, receive a Super Summer Challenge tracker, and start working toward entry into prize drawings. Fun, free events will also be offered at the Library all summer long. Learn more about events for each age group as well as how to track your challenge activities using the icons above.


Enjoy reading and playing with your little one all summer long. Choose any one-, two-, or three-brick activity from the lists below and color in the number of bricks the activity is worth in your tracker once it's completed. When all 15 bricks on Level 1, 2, or 3 are colored in, bring your tracker to the Library for a prize. When you and your little one have completed all three levels, turn in your tracker to the Library to be entered into a prize basket drawing. Completed trackers must be turned in by August 12.

Increase your chance of winning the prize basket drawing by doing the Super Summer Challenge again!

A note to Sprague Branch patrons:
• Prize drawing slips (including Level Up) for kids, babies, toddlers, and teens were lost in the flood. Please go to the Anderson-Foothill Branch to reenter your name for the drawings; they will have separate entry envelopes for Sprague's prize drawing.
• Pen Pal Project letters addressed to the Sprague Branch will be sent to the Anderson-Foothill Branch, where they will be on display.




For each activity you complete in this category, you can color in one brick in your tracker.

Hum or sing a song.
Color a picture.
Take part in a fingerplay or a rhyme.
Check out a Board Book from the Library.
Go to a park.
Go on a walk or stroller ride. Point out the trees, flowers, and birds you find.
Take your baby on a texture walk. Touch different items and describe what they feel like.
Play with differently shaped blocks and learn how shapes work.
Look for and point out circles, squares, and triangles around the house.
Take an interesting picture of something in your neighborhood
Play Peek-a-Boo with together.
Ask a librarian for a children's song recommendation.
Paint with water together.
Check out a nursery rhyme book from the Library.
Check out a children's music CD or listen to songs using Freegal.
Make up a story with a character who has your child's name and tell the story to your child.



For each activity you complete in this category, you can color in two bricks in your tracker.

Read a book.
Go to a Playtime program at the Library.
Sing a rhyme or a song about shapes.
Check out a Baby Book Bag at the Library.
Find foods that begin with specific letters at the grocery store.
Set the dinner table together, and talk about what you will have for dinner.
Attend a Preschool Building Zone program at the Library.
Sing a book or recite a poem.
Sing a song very slowly, then very fast, and then in a silly voice.
Make letters out of play dough and draw letters in sand.
Outline large letters on a page with your finger and then let your toddler do the same.
Play "Ring Around the Rosie" and "London Bridge."
Look at family photos together and talk about who the people are: "This is your Grandma. That is Cousin Joe."
Have your child draw on a textured surface like tissue paper, cardboard, or sandpaper.
Try a new food.



For each activity you complete in this category, you can color in three bricks in your tracker.

Attend a Book Baby program at the Library.
Sign up for 1000 Books Before Kindergarten.
Attend a Scales and Tails for Toddlers program at the Library.
Take part in water play.
Create a reading fort under a table with pillows and books.
Retell a story in a new way. Sing it, draw it, or use simple puppets.
Draw pictures together and have your child tell a story about their picture.
Let your child dress up as a favorite character from a book. Have them remember and retell stories by asking them questions.
Use your face as a toy. Show your baby all the things your face can do.
Make toys out of empty boxes and other found items.
Make up new words to a familiar tune and sing it with your child.
Make a shaker by putting dry rice into a plastic container, or use a spoon and pan as a drumstick and drum.
Spray shaving cream on a table and have your child practice drawing letters or shapes with their fingers.
Create your own puppet show! Make sock puppets and build a stage with an empty box.
Make up an new game together and let your child decide on the game's rules.