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Auto-Renewals FAQ

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Starting July 1, 2017, we'll take care of the work of renewing your Library items for you. Items will be automatically renewed up to three times, unless your item is on hold for another patron. Each auto-renewal gives you an additional full loan period, and we'll notify you of the new, extended...

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Torris Fairley

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It's been fun for me to watch the local standup comedy scene grow and transform over the years, and be able to cover it for a good portion of the...

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Indigo Plateau

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Through the Lens: No Man's Land

Thursday, we continue our Through the Lens series on documentary films with an on-the-ground account of the occupation last year of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. For 41 days, protestors and right-wing militia members, held the refuge hostage in open defiance of the federal government....

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RadioActive: June 22, 2017

<p>Communication Styles, Torch of Freedom, UHHP Reax to New Republican Healthcare Bill</p>
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