Sparking Creative Minds: Inventions and Innovations Over Time

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Sparking Creative Minds: Inventions and Innovations Over Time
Students of Salt Lake Arts Academy
Wed, Nov 7, 7–8pm

What sparks an idea? How does an idea evolve into an invention? How does that invention change and transform with time? How does the creative mind of an Innovator work? Salt Lake Arts Academy 6th- 8th Grade visual arts students are asking and answering these question with this presentation of work created in fall of 2018. These pieces are a product of a cross-curricular focus of “Fire – the Spark of Invention.” This fall, students at Salt Lake Arts Academy will be exploring concepts relating to this theme in their art classes, connecting what they have learned in Humanities and Science and creating works in dance, drama, music and visual arts through this lens.

For instance, this year Humanities students will read and write about revolutionary inventions like the printing press, gunpowder, eyeglasses, the public library, maritime navigational technology and more. They will move through history, to Industrial age and to Technology’s ever-present role in the world today. In Science, students will discover Newton, Tesla, and Faraday, understand the chemistry of fire and learn how scientific discoveries build on each other, sparking innovation.

Each piece in this exhibit is graphite and/or charcoal on paper, and explores value and proportion. Students were asked to choose an Invention or Innovator, and then show the connection between the Inventor or Innovator’s original idea and what it has become. The works were created under the guidance of Elizabeth Wilson, Visual Arts Teacher in her classes for 6th, 7th and 8th Graders.

Location: Main Library, Children's Gallery

Contact Information: 801-524-8200