Utah Art Reimagined, Collage by Kandace Steadman

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Utah Art Reimagined
Collage by Kandace Steadman
Sat, Oct 13, 4–5:30pm

This exhibition of 24 images is created from one copy of the 1991 edition of Utah Art. The 12 x 12 inch images mirror the size of the coffee table book. The background of each image are transfers from the pages of the text, with images that have been combined and collaged to the surface. Finally, I add paint to the image, sometimes extending what the artists have painted, and sometimes creating a painted context background. The titles of the images use the last names of the artists whose work is incorporated. I enjoy experimenting with the contrast of images—black and white against color and the nude in contrast to the clothed.
My approach for the exhibition is to look at familiar images in a new way, creating fresh appreciation (or to some, perhaps horror at what I have done) to the iconic artworks in our local canon. My intention is to create whimsy and the pieces shouldn’t be taken seriously.
The irony of having this exhibition in a library, a repository for books, adds to the rethinking of how books can be used in a different context. I hope you find pleasure in my reimagined art.

I have worked in the visual arts for most of my professional career, either as a curator, educator, or professor. I understand art history, what works aesthetically, and how art continues to push boundaries from what was previously created. However, only recently have I gone from the classroom to the studio to create art for the sake of creating art.
My training has been in workshops taught through Lifelong Learning at the University of Utah and Art Access, and attendance at Summer Snow at Snow College. Each class has taught me new skills and opened my eyes to the possibilities of creation.
Since I have started making art, I have had work exhibited in group shows at the Utah Arts Festival Gallery, Art Access, the Eccles Art Center, Salt Lake Community College President’s Art show, and Salt Lake Acting Company.
I enjoy learning, and with my own creativity, putting all of this into works of art. Making art has deepened my appreciation for art, the execution process, and the problem solving necessary to create an interesting work of art. I hope others find the same joy in my work.

Location: Main Library

Contact Information: 801-524-8200