Origins: Paintings by Emilia Wing

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Paintings by Emilia Wing
Sat, Sep 15, 4–5:30pm

There is something so beautiful and powerful about the way people connect with places. A mere thought of a specific location can evoke vivid memories and transport someone to a realm of reflective remembrance. Wing’s work explores geographically capturing urban cities and places of significance to those that have made memories there.

Emilia Wing is a Polish-Canadian artist based in Salt Lake City. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Studio Art. Following her love of teaching, she went on to pursue a MA in Art Education at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Following her studies, Emilia worked as a high school art and photography teacher in Washington, DC. She later moved to London, England where she taught fine art at a private school. Her career also brought her to Russia where she worked in museums in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Additionally, Emilia has been involved in many volunteer and community programs including non-profit art initiatives and extra-curricular art programs.
Emilia's art is inspired by where she has lived and where she is from. Her oil paintings of maps and aerial views depict layers of meaningful experimentation of color, texture, and a mix of both organic and geometric forms. She also loves playing with light and reflection using gold, silver, and copper leaf in her recent works because she feels it adds the life and movement that she associates with the places she paints.

Location: Marmalade Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8680