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Corinne and Jack Sweet
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Paintings by Craig Nielsen
Sat, Sep 8, 3–5:00pm

My art celebrates the marks people make and the journeys people take. We learn as we grow how to turn our scribbles into beautiful things and communicate with a larger world. But we forget the act of making the mark is equally beautiful and connecting. My goal is to use the urgent marks I never grew out of to convey beauty as a moment in between roads traveled and not; To comment on both the wandering of the feet and the clock. And to convey emotion and depth through the unfinished, impatient markings of an ever two year old.

Hi there, I'm Craig. I'm an artist and by nature I tend not to conform. I've been told I would make a better writer than a painter. I excelled in school and probably could have done a great number of less risky, more profitable things with my life. A choice I'm sure my mother would have appreciated. A little over five years ago I quit my prestigious, stable, budding career as an architectural renderer to pursue a more meaningful and fulfilling life as an artist. It's been an adventure to say the least! I've moved eight times since then including a stint in New York City and a semester at Southern Utah University with my wife. I've lived in Paradise and pretty much nowhere. I've spent time in the company of some of the most amazing people with promising futures and impressive pasts. And I've cried alone in an empty apartment while eating TV dinner with shreds of the box it came in for utensils. And I haven't starved. Honestly, I'm just thrilled to still be painting.

Location: Corinne and Jack Sweet Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8651