Run Happy . . . Photography by Cindy McConkie

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Run Happy . . . Photography by Cindy McConkie
Thu, Aug 9, 6:30–7:30pm

I work with a wheelchair-bound student at a high school. On occasion, we slip out of class a few minutes early, so we can run down an empty hallway to the lunchroom. As I push him, my young friend — exhilarated by the stolen moments of freedom — laughs and smiles as he exclaims, “Go! Go! Go!” My laughter joins his, our unbridled joy reverberating through the halls.
I run for the freedom of movement, an improvisational dance of the soul, that once belonged to everyone. I watch the joyful glee of my toddler grandson, as we take turns chasing and being chased, and I remember why I run. It is an emancipation from the trivial busyness of adulthood, a pure love of movement and motion. Small children chase and give chase, and run with endless energy, in circular patterns through fields, playgrounds, hallways, and open spaces.
With adolescence, running wanes. With the exception of romance’s flirtatious chasing, running is channeled into competition and graded evaluations. The circular patterns of childhood become laps around the track and the chasing is organized into games where scores are kept. There is no longer a niche for everyone.
With age we gravitate back to recreational running. The desire to return is often motivated by weight gain, medical diagnosis or doctor’s orders. With time and perseverance, running restores health to the body and mind. It fills an empty void and releases the inner child.
Running is a Gift. My images celebrate that Gift. They capture the movement, energy, and freedom found in running. Through my images I hope to revive this memory for those who have had the joy of running stolen from them by gym classes, competitions, and automobiles.
Run Happy . . .

I am a photographer, an artist, a runner, a gardener, an outdoor enthusiast, an educator, and a caregiver. I’m a mother of four, a grandmother of four, and a wife to Wayne. I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim to Rim, run the Boston Marathon, grown 40-pound watermelons in my backyard, seen the ocean freeze in Helsinki Finland, cared for children with special needs, and watched a loved one pass away. I’m a USU graduate and a student of life.

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