PROCESS: Cordell Taylor Sculptures 1992–2018

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PROCESS: Cordell Taylor Sculptures 1992–2018
Thu, Jun 21, 6–7:30pm
Cordell Taylor is feature artist for the 2018 Utah Art's Festival

I am a sculptor of materials. I need physical interaction with a sculpture that can be touched or experienced. My interest and my desire is to create unique exterior Artworks that are a reflection of the moment. When I create I try to find what in my surroundings I can contrast or compliment with the artwork. My direction can be influenced by the natural geography of our surroundings or the remnants of a past civilization or industry. These are the things that continually drive me to creation. With my sculptures, I am trying to give the Viewer an experience of sophistication that they would more commonly find in a gallery or in a museum but leave them feeling as though they have been “out in Nature” exploring. Representing “PROCESS” these Artworks are from several Series spanning 1993-2018. For myself, this exhibits my own transformation as an Artist, while showing my growth through the collective similarities of each of these series.

Born in Brigham City, Utah in 1960, Cordell Taylor exhibited interest in the arts at a young age drawing and making images with his mother and working in his father’s machine shop. Developing in age Cordell learned tile and ceramic crafts and even started doing woodwork by his early Teens. Unaware, his exploration of technical skills and techniques, in high school, would benefit him in the future.

After graduating from High school Cordell Taylor took a job in the oilfields of the western US becoming a professional Ironworker and Fabricator and after a downturn in the economy, he returned to the University of Utah to study Engineering. Returning to Utah and beginning his studies to become an Engineer, Taylor was sidetracked by his first 3-Dimensional Design class, discovering his passion for Art. His understanding of materials and techniques coupled with his experiences as a professional Ironworker helped propel him in his new career as a sculptor with his first exhibition in NY with the National Sculpture Society in 1993.

Exhibiting Nationally and Internationally, Cordell has received awards for artistic achievement from the Masaryk Academy in Prague, Czech Republic, the National Sculpture Society in New York as well as the NEA, the Utah Arts Council and others.

Under Governor Huntsman, Taylor served on the Utah Arts Councils Board of Directors, representing Artists and distributing Arts funding to Utah Artists and Arts organizations while trying to raise sources of funding for more individual Artist Grants and Fellowships for the future.

He has also owned galleries and been both a member of the Denver Art Dealers Assoc. and the secretary of the Salt Lake Gallery Assoc.

Working as a Professional Sculptor for the last 25 years, exhibiting Nationally and Internationally, Taylor’s works are in many Public, Corporate and Private ART Collections. Among them are; City of Dobrichovice, Czech Republic, SLC Corp, SL County, State of Utah, San Francisco Fed Reserve Bank, Wells Fargo Bank Corp, AT&T, EnergySolutions, UTA, Utah Symphony/Opera.

He has also exhibited in solo and group shows in Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, New York, Los Angeles and throughout the US.

While working on his own artwork and commissions, Cordell continues to propose Public Artworks and Exhibitions nationally and internationally.

“As an artist, I look for things that will enhance my creativity and broaden my knowledge of creating new art objects. Nature and architecture are my greatest influences. Outcroppings of geological formations or a new Museum have an equal impact on my creative energy and each send me back to the studio to derive a new composition or piece”.

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