Head Lands: Paper and Found Object Constructions by Sarah Bown Roberts

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Head Lands
Paper and Found Object Constructions by Sarah Bown Roberts
Gallery Talk:
Fri, Apr 20, 6pm
Reception/Gallery Stroll: Fri, Apr 20, 6–9pm
Gallery Stroll: Fri, May 18, 6–9pm

Sarah Bown Roberts assembles and break down structures, creating scenes and objects bristling with tension somewhere between beautiful and dangerous. She works with paper and found or commonplace objects, arranging her works in unexpected combinations, creating new visions from familiar objects.

Roberts believes that the process of excavation, at its simplest, is cutting away layers of earth with the intention of discovering artifacts or other ancient materials, a tedious brushing at something, of collecting and arranging fragments to assemble meaning. She parallels excavation with personal acts of searching. "By adding and cutting away accumulated material and arranging fragments I find, I seek to make sense of inner landscapes," she explains. Each piece is composed of found objects or materials considered commonplace, such as wax paper, string, and packaging material. As she arranges these pieces in unexpected combinations, they gain new life and begin sharing alternative histories.

Location: Finch Lane Gallery, 1320 East 100 South, Salt Lake City 84102

Contact Information: 801-595-5000