Darker Territory: Paper Constructions by Lenka Konopasek

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  • Darker Territory

Darker Territory
Paper Constructions by Lenka Konopasek
Gallery Talk:
Fri, Apr 20, 5:45pm
Reception/Gallery Stroll: Fri, Apr 20, 6–9pm
Gallery Stroll: Fri, May 18, 6–9pm

Lenka Konopasek assembles and break down structures, creating scenes and objects bristling with tension somewhere between beautiful and dangerous. She works with paper, arranging her works in unexpected combinations, creating new visions from familiar objects.

As Konopasek explains, "My hand-made paper constructions are explorations into a theme of natural and man-made disasters I have been exploring for the last several years. They represent a collision between nature and people. The work raises questions about longevity, the consequences of human behavior, and differences in cultural or national attitudes." She contrasts finely crafted and strangely beautiful images against harsh repulsion to draw attention to the beauty of violence and works in paper for its fragility and accessibility. Paper is a common material with a long history that can be manipulated in many different ways.

Location: Finch Lane Gallery, 1320 East 100 South, Salt Lake City 84102

Contact Information: 801-595-5000