Cinematic Landscapes: Utah's Film Legacy

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Cinematic Landscapes
Utah's Film Legacy

Utah's rich film history traverses a wide variety of scenic landscapes.The red rock and mountains of the old westerns can transform into the rocky planets of otherworldly science fiction, while the salt flats and ski slopes play host to films across many genres. We've hosted Hitchcock, Spielberg, and Ford, among many others, and we're home to Trent Harris, Robert Redford, and the world-renowned Sundance Film Festival. With clips of scenes shot in Utah as well as stills from Utah films, this exhibit celebrates Utah's film legacy by exploring the landscapes that have inspired so many great filmmakers. Focusing on the many ways directors have used Utahn scenery, Cinematic Landscapes reveals that Utah film is more than just westerns. So many kinds of stories find a home or a waypoint in Utah's vast country, and we hope to promote the discovery of all of Utah's cinematic traditions.

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