Sugar-Coated: A Visual Exploration of Euphemisms

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A Visual Exploration of Euphemisms co-curated by Holly Cobb and Michelle Montrose Larsen
Gallery Talk:
Fri, Mar 16, 5–6pm
Reception/Gallery Stroll: Fri, Mar 16, 6–9pm

Sugar-Coated explores the topic of euphemisms as found in American culture. Euphemistic language ranges from attempting to speak politely about uncomfortable topics to more nefarious attempts to disguise truth and purposely mislead audiences. Topics include bodily functions, body parts, puberty, sex, aging, death, human suffering, politics, religion, and war. Euphemisms are also used to soften the delivery of bad news such as death, loss of employment, or removal of rights or privileges.

The exhibition provides a visual exploration of euphemisms, revealing their effect on our culture, both individually and collectively. With the ever-increasing amount of visual marketing, the ability to identify and decode euphemisms becomes increasingly crucial.

The exhibition will include ten artists whose styles range from traditional still life and figurative paintings to stylized and illustrative drawings, as well as mixed media pieces and photography. Three-dimensional works will include installation, dioramas enclosed in glass, and found object assemblage. Artists in the exhibition are: Alison Neville, Brecken Bird, Derrek A. Wall, Fidalis Buehler, Holly Cobb, Jamie A. Kyle, Keith Beard, Lisie Beck Brundage, Michelle Montrose Larsen, and Scott R. Horsley.

Location: Finch Lane Gallery, 1320 East 100 South, Salt Lake City 84102

Contact Information: 801-596-5000