People, Places, Things: New and Old Paintings by David Estes

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People, Places, Things
New and Old Paintings by David Estes
Sat, Apr 28, 4–5:30pm

I am excited to be able to hang a show in this beautiful building where I can have the opportunity to show my most recent work alongside some from the past. I hope that the paintings in this show will not only show you the beauty of everything around us but maybe also in some of the paintings hint at stories in the objects, faces, and sights I have painted.

David Estes, 52 was born in Ogden, Utah. Attended the University of Utah, lives in Salt Lake City and paints in his studio in Sugarhouse "I am inspired by light and the strange alchemy of pigment that creates a painting. For me, it is less about the subject matter than capturing the air in the room or in the sky. If I can grab that bit of the world and the way I see it and get it on the canvas then I have succeeded"

Location: Marmalade Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8680