Piecing Together Mental Illness

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Piecing Together Mental Illness
Presentation: Fri, Apr 20 · 7–8pm
Reception: Fri, Apr 20 · 8–9pm

What does it feel like to be sad? What does it feel like to worry? Chances are that you know how sadness and worry feel. But when do these experiences indicate mental illness? The answer to this question is not straightforward. Individual experiences of mental illness are incredibly diverse, processes of diagnoses are very complex, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for treatment.

At the middle of all of this complexity is a suffering human being who is often isolated and branded by social stigma as strange or dangerous.

Piecing Together Mental Illness explores aspects of diagnosis and treatment in mental illness with the hope that a clearer understanding of the complex challenges of experiencing, diagnosing, and treating mental illness will help us all see past social stigma to the individual person who is suffering.

This exhibition was envisioned and constructed by a group of undergraduates in the University of Utah’s BlockU: Medical Humanities program. Many of these students are preparing for careers in health care. Piecing Together Mental Illness is the product of a year-long investigation of the fuzzy boundaries between health and disease, and normal and abnormal. These students believe that seeing the uncertainties and complexities inherent in our ideas about disease will help them provide better patient care in their future careers.

Aimee Acosta; Riley Campbell; Sierra Haran; Jaecee Henline; Zack Ison; Eugene Jo; Olivia Mauchley; Akemi Nguyen; Dominic Paulos; Brittney Sands; Lia Smith; Josh Spence; Julia Yafremava

Location: Main Library, Lower Urban Room

Contact Information: 801-524-8200