Art in Ink, Healing Works by Patricia Nosanchuk

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Art in Ink, Healing Works by Patricia Nosanchuk
Wed, Apr 11, 6–7pm


Meditation and art are my solace. I can just breathe and watch the universe unfold. This has healed any illness I have had. From this place I create my art. Most of the art pieces for this show were inspired from articles in National Geographic. I just couldn’t resist creating an eyeball, shaman, peacock, boy, Madagascar Fish Eagle, and camel herder with camels. Sometimes it takes me a year or so getting ready to do a piece that has me stumped. How in the world can I create water dripping into a pond with indelible ink as my medium? How can I paint in ink like I do and make this work? I was so happy when my husband showed my pictures to my son-in-law, and he said, “Wow, water dripping into a pond.” At least somebody got it. It took me a year to get up the nerve to paint a boy in ink and a year to pull off the peacock. Abstract is still my forte; the camel abstract just flowed. I am a mystic and created a whole series of chakra pieces, and I consider myself a Buddhist. Mindfulness and art are the blessings I am sharing with you in this art show. According to Jon Kabat Zen, the word medicine is derived from mindfulness. In his book Heal Thyself, Saki Santorelli quoted the poet Rumi as saying, “Look at the bandaged spot, and let the light in; the light comes not from without but from within.” Perhaps my art pieces can bring you to the same restorative spiritual place they bring me. Artwork and mindfulness are cathartic and healing.


I grew up in a small rural town called Providence in Northern Utah; this was in Cache Valley where French fur trappers used to cache their furs. Providence was founded by my Mormon ancestors. My great great grandfather founded Edgewood Hall with beautiful gardens, Tudor buildings and an estate where trees were imported from Europe. There were rock gardens and birds. My first home was an a-frame at the base of Providence Canyon with Spring Creek running through our backyard. Grandpa lived up the hill, and we had the whole canyon to our selves, virtually no neighbors and with Doberman pincer dogs. For six years I studied ballet but traded this for skiing at age 11; then I became a mogul skier and jumper and won a jumping contest when I was 15. Later I was an NCAA ski racer for Utah State University. By age nineteen I had totally damaged my knees by skiing and playing tennis. In high school, I was given the Language Arts Award for my graduating class. In college, I had majored in pre-law but found that I liked statistics and crunching numbers better. I have three degrees from the University of Utah including a master's degree in Economics, a bachelor's degree in Economics, and a bachelor's degree in Political Science. From this background, I experienced a career as an analyst. In the mid-eighties, I worked at Utah Transit Authority. I left my career at UTA and followed a boyfriend to Dallas to work on a doctorate. I hated the school there, and my boyfriend cheated on me, so I came back to Salt Lake. I was distraught and lost, and I turned to art as a reprieve and therapy. Later I explored computer school and taught economics at Salt Lake Community College. By 1997 I had found a higher power within and met my husband at a prayer circle group at a church. My art was abundant during these years. I worked as a management analyst at the Utah Courts and took a break from the job market in 2010. Ever since my artist fever has been building and growing. I go through artist block off and on but walk into my fears to create something special. Hopefully, you’ll take pleasure in the pieces I've shared.

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