Fragmentation and Language: Digital Montage by Simon Blundell

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Fragmentation and Language
Digital Montage by Simon Blundell
Sat, Jan 13, 4–5:30pm

Vision is shaped by the time in which we live, and life today can no longer be distinguished from the influences of mechanical and technological means of perception. The knowledge of our world is received primarily through the camera. Photography, video, television, film, and new media all use lens-based images. Most of our experience is mediated through one or more of these devices of perception. As our environment becomes increasingly mediated, so does our experience. Fragmentation occurs in the way we experience and construct meaning from this contemporary experience. My work is a direct reaction to this environment.

Photography is a language that I use to describe my experience. Photography, like any language, has a grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. By manipulating the syntax and grammar of photography, I explore and express the concept of fragmentation. I use digital technology to manipulate this language. The language of photography comes with certain qualities and characteristics. Photography is a time-based medium. Each photograph is a piece of time and space. It is associated with and represents our memory. Photographs also represent the real. They become symbols of the real. We save and collect photographs in albums, boxes, and now on hard drives. We take photographs to help us remember. They are a way to document and record our lives. When viewing photographs, they often cause us to reflect on our own lives and experience. They help us connect to ourselves.

The images selected for this exhibition explore non-linear personal narratives. Each individual piece carries a literal and an implied significance. They are pieces of my linear life. As they are remixed through the montage process, new structures of layered memory and meaning are created. I find these new relationships are a powerful way for me to understand myself and my relationship to life.

Simon was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He received a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Utah in Photography and Digital Imaging. He uses his talents and education working with both fine art and commercial clients. He currently is an Assistant Professor, Lecturer at the University of Utah, where he teaches photography, design, and arts technology courses. He finds a deep connection in sharing his experience and knowledge through teaching.

He currently resides in Salt Lake City where he continues to explore art making through photography, design, motion graphics, and music. Through a poetic use of light, composition, and juxtaposition of content, Simon creates images with originality, depth, and complexity. His creative use of photography gives his work layers of meaning that can be discovered in his images. He loves music, guitar, literature, film, good food, cooking, travel, family, friends, and motorcycles. More work can be seen at or on Instagram at simonfoto1.

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