12 Minutes Max: a Monthly Showcase of Short Works by Local Artists

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12 Minutes Max is a year-round monthly performance series featuring short works by local artists in many disciplines. One Sunday a month, we present three original pieces in a varied mix, chosen from music, dance, film, writing, theater, performance art, and the like—each 12 minutes or less. The whole event is short and sweet, taking about an hour.

After each month's performances, coffee and cookies are served — a time for conversation and feedback.


Musician Casey Van Portfleet will present his Peoples Experimental Choir performing Amputated Speech. Typically, Casey has composed works for choreographers, working alone. This project is an attempt to cultivate a community experience and to use tools for generating material he has gathered from dance. The goal of this project is to create a live, improvised sound collage built out of snippets gathered from guided personal free writes. His performers and collaborators are Alexandra Barbier, Nicholas Daulton, Jordan Daniele, and Eliza Tappan.

Dat Nguyen will screen a new video piece which is an attempt to cross the boundary between screendance and documentary. Dat followed choreographer Satu Hummasti through the creation of her piece Bright Eyes. Thoughtfully watching her and the dancers' journey, Dat crafted the video to tell a different story of Bright Eyes that wasn't possible to deliver in a stage performance. Dat is currently a third year graduate student at the University of Utah. His artistic research is often infused with visual technology and new media.

Local filmmaker Scott Thornton will screen his film Gugi, which was produced by RadioWest, and introduces Elsbeth Gugi, a native of Switzerland who now lives in Oakley, Utah and is a fabulous yodeler and singer. Gugi will be in the audience and we have invited her to join the Q&A following the film. Scott Thornton has been a filmmaker for over a decade, covering the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Al Anbar, filming North Korea’s demilitarized zone, conducting river patrols with military in the Brazilian Amazon, and following the flow of art and culture through early trade routes from Zanzibar to the Middle East for the Smithsonian. His work has been seen on CBS World News, HD Net World Report, BYU TV and PBS. Scott also focuses his work on regional, personal and issue driven stories, like his collaborations with RadioWest.

This program is modeled after 12 Minutes Max, a performance laboratory originated by On the Boards in Seattle.

Location: Main Library Auditorium

Contact Information: 801-524-8200