The Golden Cage: Mixed Media Artwork by Malicia Dominguez

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The Golden Cage
Mixed Media Artwork by Malicia Dominguez
Thu, Sep 28, 7pm

My work is a window where the outside world can see some of my deep and subconscious thoughts about many different subjects and abstract concepts that I can't describe with words. I try to add humor based on a nihilist ideology. I improvise my artwork as soon as I grab a pencil and I have a fire to get certain feelings out of my system; it is a type of personal therapy.

The Golden Cage Series talks about living in a place where it seems to be what we need...or what we think we need. This place and our blindness to think that this is the place we should be in becomes our own enemy and a limitation to discover the world that exists outside our cage. It also talks about what capitalism has made of a society. The importance of money, things and looks and how these things are a frame that can make us look important, pretty or that we fit in, but they also can blur our view of real happiness when the freedom is reach.

The majority of my work uses watercolors and markers.

Location: Anderson-Foothill

Contact Information: 801-594-8611