River. Swamp. Cave. Mountain.


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  • River. Swamp. Cave. Mountain.

River. Swamp. Cave. Mountain.
A world premiere children's play by Elaine Jarvik

The immersive nature of live theatre is a great way to help young children understand difficult concepts. Local playwright Elaine Jarvik hopes that this new play will help children better prepare for grief and spark conversations between children and parents.

Five-year-old JJ (who has lots of questions) and eight-year-old Izzy (a know-it-all who doesn’t know it all) are siblings who have recently lost their grandmother. They embark on a funny and touching hero’s journey to try to make sense of loss, grief, death and life.

Featuring Ashley Maria Ramos and Benjamin Young. Designed by Aaron Swenson. Directed by Cheryl Cluff. Runtime is 30 minutes. Playwright Elaine Jarvik's other plays include MARRY CHRISTMAS and BASED ON A TRUE STORY, both of which also premiered at Plan-B Theatre Company.

The Sharing Place will be on hand with information about helping children and families cope with grief. This play is being offered in observance of National Children's Grief Awareness Day.

Location: Anderson-Foothill

Contact Information: 801-594-8611