Amor: Photography by Betsy Contreras

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Photography by Betsy Contreras
Fri, May 12, 11am

My name is Betsy Amor and the world of photography has truly captivated and changed my life since the day I chose to be a photographer in my chapters of High School life. I started out with an antique Nikon Camera, black and white shots developed in dark rooms. I am passionate about both color and black and white shots; today I use my Nikon Digital Camera. I love to take my time and dedicate excellence to every detail of my work. I have done several photo-shoots and have had the blessing of meeting important people along the way, people that I know I have impacted their lives through my photography talent. I have done engagement pictures, weddings, missionary shoots, baby shoots, maternity shoots, birthdays, street dance, family portraits, and so much more!

Photography relaxes me, it is one of my most cherished hobbies and I am so grateful for the people who make it possible. I will forever love to see the change in others of every shot I take through my camera lens, every shot is different, and that specific shot that impacts lives can sometimes only be captured once, this why I take my time, do my very best, and smile at the magical world that photography gives me with every picture I take. Photography has in some way saved my life, it has helped keep my mind off the health challenges of my life, and even though it can sometimes be physically hard for me to do photo shoots I move forward, while I am in my moment I replace these challenges with memorable moments of life. I feel thankful to know that I have had photographer mentors that have guided me along the way, people that I admire, whom I will forever be thankful for because of their advice, time and help to unfold my talents, and most of all for their appraisal of my work.

Location: Day-Riverside Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8632