12 Minutes Max: a Monthly Showcase of Short Works by Local Artists

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12 Minutes Max is a year-round monthly performance series featuring short works by local artists in many disciplines. One Sunday a month, we present three original pieces in a varied mix, chosen from music, dance, film, writing, theater, performance art, and the like—each 12 minutes or less. The whole event is short and sweet, taking about an hour.

After each month's performances, coffee and cookies are served—a time for conversation and feedback.


Dilettantes will premier a new series of poems, T/T/C, based on the three degrees of heaven in Mormon theology. Dilettantes is noise poetry with Luke Swenson and Nate Witham. Their work has been featured at Avant GaRawge, 12 Minutes Max, and the University of Utah's Cross Talk concert series.

Nichele Van Portfleet
Dance-artist Nichele Van Portfleet will present an excerpt from an untitled duet, created under the mentorship of New York City’s Doug Varone, and to be performed in New York City in August. The dancers will be Breeanne Saxton and Brian Gerke. Using a stopwatch to keep herself and the dancers generating at a fast clip, she quickly developed the material that she later refined. “Frictions from daily life and life's large questions” regularly make their way into her work. The finished piece will be performed on August 5 at VAULT! at the University of Utah's Marriott Center for Dance. Nichele came from the California bay area and started at the U’s MFA program in Modern Dance last year. She is curious about how abstract narrative and physical virtuosity can fuse to create moving art that feels relevant and human.

Dream Meli
Dream Meli will present w.under ground in round, a performance piece that explores sound, movement, costume, and story to bring you into the dreamworld that lies beneath this one. Dream Meli is an “inter-dimensional diplomat, psychonaut and space clown who opens portals between realms for audience members all over the multiverse.” A former member of the now-disbanded Salt Lake City drag troupe The Bad Kids Collective, Dream Meli lately has been developing a new local queer performance art collective, The Forbidden Fruits.

This program is modeled after 12 Minutes Max, a performance laboratory originated by On the Boards in Seattle.

Location: Main Library Auditorium

Contact Information: 801-524-8200