Sleeping Giants + Untold Tales: Paintings by Matt Monsoon

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Sleeping Giants + Untold Tales
Paintings by Matt Monsoon
Sat, Mar 4, 4pm

In this digital age, I am moved to create things that evoke a feeling, expression, memory, or dream—the intangible over the qualities of realism. We are all storytellers, and I’ve created these pieces with a narrative in mind—to retell old legends with a new twist, to expose the mysticism in the everyday, and to share tales from my own adventures. I am inspired by the early art and folklore of this region, beginning with the raw and expressive artwork left by native cultures and continuing on to the epic and sensationalized paintings of the early frontier explorers. They were sensational storytellers. These groups created images that perhaps strayed from true accuracy but evoked the spirit of a place or being, told its stories, and revealed its essence, and I dig that.

Sleeping Giants is a collection of pieces that represents tales, history, myths, and legends of Utah, both ancient and modern. Each piece in this series will show an evolving style. Each is attempting to capture a feeling more than a photo. More than anything, I like to work expressively, and I find that it alltoo often happens best when I work loose, fast, and in-flow. That also coincides with a lot of late nights, caffeine, hang time with my studio mates, and good music to keep me moving through. I want to capture something raw and emotive that the camera cannot, to tell the stories that time has forgotten or were too difficult to express in words. We all see life through different lenses—this is my view. Please enjoy.

Matt is a Salt Lake City artist from the Guthrie Artist Studios. These historic studios have inspired many of Salt Lake City's notable artists, and have served as home base for Matt's creative work since 2009. Matt is a child of the world, following his father's international teaching career with years spent in Okinawa, Japan; London; Wurzburg, Germany; Cambridge, England; and later, to Manila, Philippines. Until recently, most of Matt's life was lived outside US borders. In a twist of fate, Matt planted roots in Salt Lake City in 2000 and has, for the most part, stayed there ever since. He is a father to his 10-year-old daughter, Kaya—also a budding artist—and teaches digital design, entrepreneurship, visual merchandising, and retail buying and management at Salt Lake Community College’s Fashion Institute. His collector base includes his mother, family, friends, and collectors from as far away as Seattle, Japan, and Berlin. His signature Salt Lake City tryptich original hangs in the New Arts and Media Center at Salt Lake Community College’s South City Campus. Matt’ works often contains a sense of place and of home, as well as foreign artistic influences, ideas, and philosophies that rubbed off from childhood. Matt is an avid hiker, naturalist, explorer, and a lover of wild Utah. This also heavily influences his work.

Affordable prints and full-scale reproductions are available for sale for many of Matt's pieces. For more info, Matt can be contacted at

Location: Main Library, Gallery at Library Square

Contact Information: 801-524-8200