Where is My Mind: Mixed Media Paintings by Micheal Jensen

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Where is My Mind
Mixed Media Paintings by Micheal Jensen
Sat, Jan 28, 4pm

Where Is My Mind is a compilation of paintings from two different series, Complex Simplification and Slanted Progressivism. Complex Simplification is an exploration of my weaving technique, in which two paintings are created using experimental applications of paint and ink. Once the paintings are completed, they are shredded into individual strips. Using the shredded paper like a loom uses yarn, the strips are weaved together to create a new and meticulous surface. In Slanted Progressivism, organic shapes are created by pouring, splashing, and scraping paint and smashed fruit on a painted wood board. Geometric shapes and harsh lines are added to create a feeling of organization and structure. The paintings reflect on a familiar feeling of hopeful expression and attempted suppression.

Experimenting with flames, rotting fruit, and various goos, Salt Lake City artist Micheal Jensen uses his life experiences and alternative painting techniques to create a narrative about how there is beauty in every situation. Micheal grew up in the Salt Lake Valley and he is the youngest in a family of six. He is a student at the University of Utah where he is studying art and art history. Micheal intends for his paintings to show the viewer new and unconventional surfaces that demonstrate his love for the strange and beautiful.

Location: Marmalade Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8680