Angel Series: Mixed Media Sculptures by Amy Caron

Corinne and Jack Sweet
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Angel Series
Mixed Media Sculptures by Amy Caron
Sat, Jan 14, 3pm

Angel Series is a tribute to the individual. I feel the individualist perspective is often misconstrued as self-serving and egotistical, while the collectivist perspective is consistently over-glorified for its humane sounding platitudes like “the common good.” For me, appealing individuals possess character, personage, and eccentricities that stem from independent thinking, not cooperative behavior or other forms of social identity.

My recent work has actively explored the concept of freedom and the right to pursue one’s own happiness through independence and initiative. These little darlings are a community of spirited (not spiritual, necessarily, unless that works for you) guardians who joyously celebrate what anyone might choose to care about, protect, or rejoice in. My primary intention was to bring a quirky mix of oddball materials (coffee grounds, dessert sprinkles, fake tattoos, paint, toys, mini-hats, knitting needles, feathers, etc.) together successfully. I intentionally steered toward a craftwork approach as a therapeutic tool. Personally, I needed to recover from my previous project—a large-scale commission that proved a satisfying yet tedious technical challenge. It was important to make small-scale pieces in order for me to regain equilibrium. A loving homage to folk art traditions, the angels are agents of silly humor and overhead reminders that we can hold sacred anything we chose.

Amy Caron is a multidisciplinary artist based in Salt Lake City. Caron’s work has been commissioned and presented by Performance Space 122 in New York City and by The Leonardo in Salt Lake City. She is a National Performance Network Creation Fund Artist and was a Visiting Artist in Residence at Duke University. Amy has worked extensively as a freelance producer/presenter over the past decade, collaborating with a wide scope of daring artists including Dana Michel, Author & Punisher, and tEEth Performance.

Central to her practice is Fieldwork: a specific form of artist-to-artist feedback. She is a master Fieldwork Facilitator with over 10 years of experience and currently serves as The Field’s National Network Manager for official sites across the nation and internationally. She is a professional feedback-training consultant for creative and non-creative businesses nationwide. Amy eschews formal studio practice and prefers to function as an artist at large. She reinvents her creative process for each new project.

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Contact Information: 801-594-8651