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close/open KCPW

Political Cornflakes: President Obama Visits Utah

(KCPW News) President Barack arrived in Utah Friday. But his arrival in the state was delayed a little. Why? KCPW’s Roger McDonough posed that question to Thomas Burr, Washington Correspondent for the Salt Lake Tribune and author of Political Cornflakes – a daily, online roundup of...

close/open Salt Lake City Weekly

Great Interstate, Zodiac Empire

So the 2014 Utah Arts Festival happened this weekend, showcasing a lot of artwork, films, kids activities and whatnot, all under a blazing hot sun that wouldn't let up once. Despite the heat, this year was a damn fine festival with packed crowds ever

close/open Salt Lake Tribune

Utah school helps teenagers with autism gain independence

It₀™s Tuesday, and that means teens from the Carmen B. Pingree Autism Center of Learning are shopping at Reams Food Store on State Street.
The three cruising the aisles with lead teacher Markell McCubbin ₀” Sam, Gavynn and Carson ₀” have just picked out the generic cereal version of Lucky Charms...

close/open KRCL

Just One Question on Deep Time Analysis

It’s been several years since Energy Solutions started the paper work seeking approval to store hundreds of thousands of tons of depleted uranium at its facility in Clive, Utah. Last week the Utah Department of Environmental Quality agreed to suspend a public comment period that had just...

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