24/7 Library Service

UPDATED Feb 26, 2016

On February 22, 2016, the Library Board of Directors was presented with a preliminary Operations Plan for the two-year 24/7 Library Service pilot. The Operations Plan detailed staffing, utilities, and security costs over two years, which totaled more than $3.8 million. This figure was three times larger than initial projections. Library Board members expressed concerns with the cost of the project, and ultimately voted unanimously to end the discussion based on their fiduciary responsibilities to the people of Salt Lake City.


FALL 2014
The City Library was approached by a group of community members interested in funding a two-year pilot of 24/7 library service at the Main Library.

WINTER 2014-15
The City Library hired Christine Richman of GSBS Richman Consulting to prepare a Needs Assessment to evaluate the community's interest in 24/7 library service and to predict how many people would make use of the service. As part of the Needs Assessment, Richman developed a working group of community members who represented The City Library, Salt Lake City Police, Salt Lake City School District, the University of Utah, the Utah Pride Center, local homeless service providers, and others, including community members at-large. The working group also arranged with the University of Utah's Center for Communication and Community to conduct a survey of the community.

APRIL 2015
Dr. James Anderson, Director of the University of Utah's Center for Communication and Community, presented results from the 24/7 Library Service Community Survey to the Library Board.

Christine Richman presented the Needs Assessment to the Library Board. The Library Board voted to move forward in developing a plan that articulated the vision, operations details, security and safety considerations, and budget of running the Main Library 24/7.

Deborah Ehrman, Acting Director of The City Library, presented a 24/7 Library Service Pilot Report with preliminary costs associated with the project. Based on the financial projections prepared by the Library Administration, The Library Board voted to discontinue inquiry into the 24/7 Library Service pilot project.

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