• Pardon our dust
    Write your Injuries in Dust, your benefits in marble. Benjamin Franklin

    Pardon our dust

    Our website is experincing some technical difficulties. Please pardon our dust as we make repairs.

  • Executive Director Search

    Salt Lake City Public Library seeks an energetic, community-engaging leader and outstanding motivator to be the next Executive Director.

  • Explore Spiral Jetty
    Nature does not proceed in a straight line, it is rather a sprawling development. Robert Smithson

    Explore Spiral Jetty

    Learn about the history, art, and science behind the artwork at the Spiral Jetty with backpacks provided through the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Each pack includes science tools, a sketchbook, materials to make a mini jetty, and more.

  • Call for Entries Deadline: May 18

    Rhythms at Riverside, the Summer Music Series at the Day-Riverside Branch, is gearing up for its fourth season! Every other Wednesday night this summer, The City Library will highlight all styles of music, especially from the diverse cultures that make up the fabric of Rose Park's community.

  • The most creative people have a childlike facility to play. John Cleese

    Explore the Library’s new Creative Lab and learn about the tools this space has to offer. Click here for more info and to reserve the Creative Lab.

  • Programming is an extremely creative profession. It's logic-based creativity. John Romero

    Learn how to develop computer games and programs. Every Tuesday and Thursday, May 3–26, kids ages 9–12 will be guided through a series of workshops by experts from Code to the Future. Each workshop will integrate both programming and game design, and will give attendees an understanding of how to use technology to create.


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